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A0101-F ESD Shielding Film


  •  It is suitable for packing pf PCB, IC and pther static sensitive components. This shieling films could keep static-sensitive components away from the potential static danger to the largest extent.
  •  Its special  four-layer structure can create such effect like an inductive cover to sparate the item inside from the static field.
  •  The inner layer is made from ethane which can remove the static and avoid static heneration inside the bag.
  •  This kind of hot seal bag is half  transparent. So the item nside can be easily recognized from outside.
  •  Surface resistance : 10e6-10e8
  • Thickness: 3.1 mils
  • Tensile strength: 5800 psi
  • Physical property meets international standards  ASTMD257, ELA541 & MIL-B-81705
  • All size are available for open flat, ziplock, and tridimensional, any bags for large machiones .

Application: used for esd bag, protect the pcb component.



Size (mm) Carton Size (mm) Carton Weight(kgs) (pcs)/carton
102mm*1000m 130*400*400 8 1 roll
127mm*1000m 150*400*400 10 1 roll
152mm*1000m 180*400*400 12 1 roll
178mm*1000m 210*400*400 14.5 1 roll
203mm*1000m 230*400*400 15 1 roll
229mm*1000m 250*400*400 17.5 1 roll
279mm*1000m 310*350*390 20.5 1 roll
483mm*1000m 520*350*350 36.5 1 roll
584mm*1000m 610*350*350 44.5 1 roll