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A0103 Conductive grid bag


It is suitable for packing of PCB, IC and other static sensitive components.
This shield bag can keep static-sensitive components away from the potential static danger to the largest extent.



Conductive grid bag is made from ESD transparent PE membrane coupled with conductive black printing ink by special machineries,after special processing, it can reisist outer static and becomes resistor on the surface.
It is usually used to pack PC boards, mother boards, communication electronical appliances.
The surface resistance is blow 10e6 ohms.


  • This bags could widely used in PCB, IC & other static sensitive components.
  •  This type bags suitable for air express & packing all kinds of electronic products, pcb board, some electric components, IC integrated circuit. etc.
  •  It also widely used for shipment.(To protect the goods from being beated or friction.  (antistatic function)