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A0302 ESD corrugated box


●  ESD type surface resistance: 107~1010Ω
●  Conductive type surface resistance: 103~106Ω
●  Common type surface resistance: >1012Ω
●  Material is light, durable,easy to process at any style, can be manufactured according to different requirements of clients.
●  It can be made into different products by different spare parts, for example, circulation box, partition, package case, lining of box, etc.
●  The normal plate material size is 1m X 2m, 2m X 2m, and the depth is 2-6 mm.

Specification For Conductive Corrugated Boxes

Description Supply
Thickness 3->6mm
Substance (Gm/M2) 700
Tensile Strength (Kg/Cm) MD 23
Tensile Strength (Kg/Cm) TD 14
Elongation (%) MD 18
Elongation (%) TD 12
Dupont/Impact Strength Kg-Cm MD 20
Dupont/Impact Strength Kg-Cm TD 15
Bending Strength (Kg/Cm) MD 1.7
Bending Strength (Kg/Cm) TD 1.5
End Crush ((Kg/Cm) MD 11.5
End Crush ((Kg/Cm) TD 1.5
Flat Crush (Kg/Cm2) 6
Surface Resistivity (Ohm/Sq) < 105 Ohm/Sq


This box can use for cleanroom products packing.

Packing: Carton size:  1500*2000*5mm


Carton Weight: 27KG