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A04-2 PU esd sponge antistatic foam


This foam is an open-cell, conductive sponge. It is produced after forming the PU sponge by special process to make the sponge conductive.


  • Excenllent and permanent ESD effect, free of enviromental humidity.
  • Excellent conductive effect: resistance: 10e3-10e9
  • Superior Buffering and cushioning performance: independent and meticulous closed/opened cell
  • Bear high temperature :>120°C
  •  Bear Chemical corrosion
  • Non-chemical corrosion: free chemical corrosion and protecting effect to products
  • Good elasticity

Color: Black

Density: 15-80kg/m3

Surface reistance: 10e3-10e9

Abrasuve potential: <50V

Attenuation Half time< 1s

Application:used for pcb, cleanroom production line.