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A11-1 Cleanroom Warning Label


A11-1 Warning Label: Customzied size, good for protect the antistatic products

SMT double splice tape, yellow, 8mm,smd splice tape 8mm,double sided tape



1.Double splice tape
2.Economical splicing solution
3.Increases efficiency,save component
4.For all SMD splice tape width
SMT double splice tape with the following characteristics:
1.Color available:yellow,blue,green,black
2.Size: for 8/12/16/24mm carrier tapes.
3.The most economical splicing solution
4.Increases efficiency
5.No down times because of accurate joining
6.Tape connectors guarantee perfect and reliable joints in SMD tapes.
7.Joining without any tools or fixtures, with precise pitch spacing, with convenient pre-cut length

Application:used for making the products