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A15 KAPTON esd tape


Polyimide tape, polyimide film as a substrate, coated on high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.


  • shear resistance
  • excellent heat resistance
  • excellent chemical stability
  • radiation resistance
  • solvent resistance and easy for die-cutting.
  • Main Application for kaptons polyimide tape:
     Efficient Heat Transfer Path between Heat Generating Components and Heat Sinks, Fans, Heat  Spreaders, Heat pipes.General Heat Sink Bonding
    IC Chip Packing Heat Construction
    Printed Circuit Board
    LED Module / Board Bonding
    Flat Panel Display TV as LCD, LED, PDP
    COF Chip Heat Construction
    Automotive Electronic Thermal Management such as Engine control Units,ABS System,Gear Control Units.
    Package:  standard carton packing or as per customer’s request