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Air Shower Room



  1. the air shower system is fully automatically controlled, the double-door is cross-locked, showered automatically through infrared induction.
  2. Shower time can be adjusted between 0-99 seconds, digital display showing time , sound instruction, membrane-key controlled screen, and easy operation.
  3. The soleplate and nozzles are stainless steel
  4. The wind speed of nozzle is up to 25m/s
  5. Efficient and professional design, be competent to make non-standard products.


Air shower is a kind of cleaning equipment for purging people or goods before entering the cleanroom. The equipment can blow off the dust from the surface of the goods or your clothes efficiently, and prevent the dust be brought into the cleaning area. It can be an air brake between the cleaning and non-cleaning room for a purpose of keeping the steady air pressure in the cleanroom.