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WS02-HQA Best Price Cleanroom antistatic wrist band ESD wrist strap



Wrist band

Length:  standard 200mm,customized available.
Material:polyester, natural rubber, Silver plated fibre blend .(High quality)
Color : light blue, (dark blue, yellow, green,black, purple. red available)
Resistance : less than 100,000 ohms. ( inner side) ,  less than 1000,000,000,000 ohms (outer side)
Plastic parts :  ABS
Stud:  copper with chrome plated
Back plant : stainless steel, non-allergenic.
Coil cord
Copper conductor: 7single tinse-strand l wire.
Outerside plastic : Polyurethane (PU)
Cord diameter  0.09″ (2.3mm). customized available.
Molding Material :PVC.
Socket : copper with chrome plated, 4mm,7mm or 10mm molded female snap at one end Molded banana plug at the other end or female snap.
1Megohm risistor at female snap end for safety.
Length : 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft, 12ft, 15ft available.
Color: light blue, blue, black , green, yellow available.


P.N. WS02-HQA-B WS01-HQA-0406 WS01-HQA-0410 WS01-HQA-0706 WS01-HQA-0710 WS01-HQA-1006 WS01-HQA-1010
Snap Size Wrist strap band only 4mm 4mm 7mm 7mm 10mm 10mm
Cord Length 6ft 10ft 6ft 10ft 6ft 10ft


Application:Anti-static wrist strap is widely used in body static control


1pc/ pp bag; 500pcs/ carton; carton size: 400*400*300mm