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Clean room Polyurethane Foam Swab FS746


Cleanroom Foam Swab FS746


FS746 features flexible internal paddle head with 3.4” long handle providing good support and cushion. It is constructed from 100 ppi open-cell polyurethane foam and is the ideal swab to use to effectively in eliminating contamination on surfaces and hard to reach areas. Its cleanroom laundered foam head possesses high solvent capacity.


Cleanroom Foam Swab FS746

Property                                     Description 
Foam Head                                  100 PPI Polyurethane Foam
Head Bond                                   Thermal
Handle Material                          Polypropylene

Part Number Head Width Head Thickness Head Length Handle Width Handle Thickness Handle Length Total Length
FS746 6 mm 5 mm 18 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm 72 mm 90 mm
(0.236″) (0.197″) (0.709″) (0.126″) (0.126″) (2.835″) (3.543″)