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E0104 High Pressure Electric Eliminate static Ionizing Blower


  • Model:E0104
  • Brand: Maxsharer
  • Delivery: 7-10 days
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • E0104 HORIZONTAL IONIZING AIR BLOWER, On the base of design of E0105 horizontal ioni-zing air blower, it is smaller and more portable.Can install ionizing equilibrium measurement realtime supervising and alarming system as request.The ionizing air volume can be adjusted, including high voltage generator
  • Specification
    Operating Voltage 110V/60HZ OR 220V/50HZ
    Current Consumption 3.0A OR 1.5A
    Operating Temperature -10~50°C
    Size 400mm(L)×220mm(W)×190mm(H)
    Weight 5.8Kg
    Air Volume 70~120CFM
    Ion Balance 0V±10V
    Air Coverage 60cm×120cm


  • Decay test Results


    Test voltage:1KV-100V Operating Voltage:110/220V

    Temperature:22°C Test Humidity:75%RH

    Distance 300mm 600mm 900mm 1200mm
    Left300mm 1.3s 2.5s 3.9s 6.6s
    Center 1.1s 2.2s 3.6s 6.5s
    Right 300mm 1.2s 2.3s 3.8s 6.3s
  • Package

    1pc into a carton