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E0601 New Style Static charge Electrostatic Field Tester


  • Model: E0601
  • Brand: Maxsharer
  • Delivery: 7-10 days
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Description

    Reliable, highly accurate and low drift instrument for the measurement of magnitude static charges in terms of DC voltage. Easy to know whether any;

    1.Static is present and on what surfaces, materials or people?

    2.How much static?

    3.What is the polarity of the charge in terms of DC voltage?

    The instrument is ideal for use in such static sensitive environment such as electronic component production and assembly areas, cleanrooms, computer, medical and R&D laboratories, surgical rooms, medical device manufacturing, printing press, packing and production lines, etc.

  • Features

    2.highly accurate
    3.low drift
    4.easy to operate

  • Specification
    Measurement Range +/-10kV at Inch
    Measurement Accurancy +/-10%
    Indications 3mm LCD Display
    Test actuation Press to read
    Power supply 9 Volt Battery
    Low Battery Warring  at 7.0 Volts
    Dimensions 135*70*30mm
    Weight 180Gms
  • Application

    static sensitive environment such as;

    1.electronic component production and assembly areas

    2.cleanrooms, computer

    3.medical and R&D laboratories

    4.surgical rooms

    5.medical device manufacturing

    6.printing press, packing and production lines, etc.

  • Package
    1. 1pc into a box first, then 6pcs into a carton