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E0801 Good quality antistatic esd Wrist Strap tester /Online moniter



 1.Made of high precision electronic components,this product is highly precise,quick,small ( 61*58*28mm),light ( 62g) and easy to operate.

 2.It could alarm automatically towards body wrist strap earth system,and real-time monitor the work status of anti-static wrist strap;

 3.Being so small,the monitor nearly takes up no room,and operates without noise.

4.It will provide reliable insurance to wrist strap earth system in anti-static work area.

 5.Earth system of body wrist strap in normal operation;no noise,green light on.

 6. Earth system of body wrist strap in circuit-broken status:buzz noise,red light glittering.


1.Cab be used anywhere to quickly and easily check a variety of grounding systems

2.Ensures employee safety

3.Eliminates product defects caused by static electricity


Product Name Wrist StrapTester/Online Monitor
Item Number E0801
Function ensures safety, eliminates product defects
Application Wrist Strap & Grounding Wires.etc.
Color Black
Brand Maxsharer
Package By carton
Place of origin Shenzhen, China
Lead time 7-10 days



1.Wrist Strap & Grounding Wires

2.The contact resistance between the wrist strap and skin


1pc into a box first, then 15pcs into a carton