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E13 Hot selling ESD test turnstile ESD control door locking system


ESD door locking system is a computerized managing system, and can be connected by single machine, local and TCP/IP communication message with software and hardware. This system is mainly control passage to pass in and out, who can pass in and who can’t pass in, it can store all entry/exist records. It can also be connected by RS232 or RS485 interface with computer. At present it uses free touch technology and changes data by radio frequency signal, with features of high confidence and strict dependability.


Structure import 304 stainless steel
Floodgate weight 70.00KG
Size 1200x280x1000H mm
Length of shaft 500mm
Switch time ≤1 seconds
Average trouble-free running ≥500000 hours
Speed of pass through 15 times per minute
Lights indication Green/pass, Red/prohibit
Outer shell protect seal up &waterproof
The shaft can bear the max weight 80.00kg



1. SMT production line control area,

2. high-tech R & D room,

3. semiconductor industry clean room,

4. national defense and military electrostatic control area,

5. pharmaceutical plant electrostatic control area,

6. burst disposal area,

7. aviation space maintenance calibration area,

8. hospital control area,

9. biochemical industry electrostatic control area  and all kinds of anti-static test protection needs of the occasion

10.For companies who need to ensure that the operators cannot enter the EPA unless their wrist straps and footwear are compliant every day



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