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D04-Y Healthy used Yoga mat


Maxsharer eco friendly blue codnuctive earth  yoga mat  

Material: Eco friendly TPE foam, leather, grounder, wire

Color: Blue, White, Grey, Black color conductive yoga mat for you

Size: 180*60cm/Customized

Function: Remove human static electricity, keep healthy body

1. What is a ground earth mat ?
Everyone has the experience of being plagued by static electricity in life, which affects people’s life, sleep, spirit, and health.
The Earth Bed Sheets can release static electricity in 0.1 second.Improve the quality of sleep, the body and the spirit of Natural Cure.
2.How Do ground earth mat Help?

Because The Ground earth mat through connect earth cables cause Negative ion transmission for between the body with the Earth.So as to achieve natural self-healing,

improve the quality of sleep and mental state that provide us with feelings of happiness, security, and relaxation.

The Scientists have discovered that the earth’s surface contains an energy consisting of free flowing electrons ,and it is always supplemented by sun radiation and lightning.

But few people know that the infinite healing energy can help the body to keep healthy and control the complex mechanism within body. It is an infinite natural healing energy.

It allows our body to work as if we plugged in a bulb. But in the modern way of life, the wide use of rubber sole shoes and plastic sole shoes, and the way of living and travel 

brought about by urban buildings, cut off the connection between the earth and the magic power of the earth.


3.Who Is The Applicable User?

For the group who suffer from sleep life related,Static,insomnia, general anxiety, or anxiety related to bedtime, interrupted sleep.

Yoga mat Pictures      

Maxsharer eco friendly blue conductive yoga mat

Maxsharer eco friendly blue conductive yoga matMaxsharer eco friendly blue conductive yoga matMaxsharer eco friendly blue conductive yoga mat              

Back side Yoga mat TPE Foam   (Flower suface, anti slip and beautiful)          

            Maxsharer eco friendly blue conductive yoga mat