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D0404 ESD ground mat



♦ Antistatic rubber ESD mat(conveyer belts) is mainly used in the assembly line of electronic components.

♦ The product featured stable anti-static performance,high tensile strength,satisfactory flexural strength

♦ Length,width,thickness and colors are all selectable.

♦ Anti-distortion, long life quality


♦ The products are  two-layer compound, the green is on the up and black is below, the green surface of the checkered pattern, and has good performance in  anti-slip properties, oil resistant, acid resistant, anti-aging and anti-flame retardant.

♦  thickness Green surface layer is 1mm, it has  good wear resistance and long service life,

♦  small green surface resistance ≤ 10e8Ohm

♦ Black conductive layer ≤ 10e5Ohm

♦ Electrostatic voltage decay period  ≤ 1.5s

♦ Surface friction electromotive voltage ≤100V

♦ General Product Specifications: 1.2m*10m*2mm       1m*10m*2mm


ESD ground mats for anti-static workplaces that need to stand for long periods of time, play a role in effectively dampening foot pressure and relieving fatigue.