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FG-C Cup Heel Grounder



Foot grounder safely remove static charges from workers to protect your ESD susceptible products.
Per ANSI/ESD s20.20,use with ESD Floor “as a grounding alternative to the wirst strap system for standing operations”
All our foot Grounders are suitable ESD footwear component in your Flooring -Footwear System as the primary grounding method(<3.5×10 e7 Per ESD STM 97.1)
Integral Current-Limiting 1M ohm Resistor for enhanced operator safety?
Exceptionally long -lasting ,durable premium rubber with tear resistant inner scrim and dual wear surface to double its life.

Foot grounder Main 4 Types

Velcro provide a comfortable and secure fit
one sole for economic
2.Color:White or black;
3.Ribbon:24″ long nylon/polyester grounding tab with 8 conductive strands;
4.Elastic Strap:0.8″ width,black polyester ;
5.Sole Interior:Insulative;
6.Sole Exterior:<105Ω;
7.Cross-Linked tire grade rubber;
8.Size:S~XXL,velcro across foot for size adjustment;
9.Suitable for:all kinds of  men’s  and women’s shoes including high heels,cowboy boots,flats shoes,loafers and safety shoes.



Foot grounder safety remove static charges from workers to protect your ESD susceptible products


1pc/ pp bag; 250pcs/ carton; carton size: 400*400*300mm