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GC02 ground cord for wrist strap or esd mat


1. Ground snaps to bench mat and accept two wrist straps.

2. Provide two groundiung point for wrist strap or carts.

3.Ring easy attach to ESD ground.

4.Extra ring yerminal or banana plug for grounding.

5. 1 Megohm Resistor for safety.

6.Cable length can be customized.

7.Used for Wrist strap

8.100pcs/ carton; carton size: 430*230*140mm


A  10 mm female snap, 6ft cord, terminal ring.

B 10 mm stud,6 ft cord, terminal ring.

C 10mm female snap, 6ft cord, plug and clip.

D 10 mm stud, 6ft cord ,plug and clip.

E  10 mm  female snap, 10ft cord, terminal ring.

F 10 mm stud,  10ft cord, terminal ring.

G 10mm female snap,  10ft cord, plug and clip.

H  10 mm stud, 10 ft cord, plug and clip.