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Sticky mat for clean room C0201


Maxsharer Sticky Mats prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering any controlled work environments.  Sticky Mats are ideal for clean room or paint booth entryways or any place a contaminant free space is desired.

Cleanroom sticky mat, 30 layers or 60 layers
1.) sticky dust from shoes
2.) Easy to use
3.) keep cleanroom clean
4.) good quality

# Adhesive layed, straight edge mats can quickly and effectively remove traffic dirt from wheeles and dust from the soles of shoes, to keep the clean environment.

#Each sticky mat is composed of multiple layers of polyethylene film laminated together into a stack

# Easy to use, When the surface layer is contaminated,simply peel off the top layer and throw it away

# Mainly used for electronics, computer, instrumnetation, medical-device, pharmaceutical, aerospace and nuclear industries.